Radiation and the Environment

                  Environmental?Monitoring Program?

                  Every year, Bruce Power monitors all aspects of the?environment surrounding our facility, including the?level of radioactivity.

                  Environmental Monitoring (EM) is an important part?of environmental protection at a nuclear facility. It?ensures, through measurement, sampling and analysis,?that the health of the environment and people are?protected. Sampling and analysis of the local area?gives Bruce Power a baseline to compare against?in the unlikely event that site operations ever had a?measurable impact.

                  EM is also an important component of the regulatory?requirements under the terms of the Operating?Licence issued by the Canadian Nuclear Safety?Commission (CNSC).

                  Years of study have unequivocally determined that?the Bruce site is posing no radiological risk to plants,?animals and people near the site.

                  Read the full Radiation and the Environment report.

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